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Humidfier Special

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Humidfier Coupon

Why Humidify? Did you know that regulating the humidity in your home can save you money on your heating bills? When the air is dry moisture on our skin will evaporate faster causing us to feel cooler. It is this principle that makes it feel hotter outside when the humidity is higher. Well the same principle applies in the winter when we want to feel warmer. If you keep the humidity higher you can keep the thermostat lower and still feel comfortable. This is how a humidifier can save you money.

Some Problems caused by low humidity:

  • Hardwood floors lose moisture and contract when the air in a home is extremely dry. This can cause the floor to separate at the seams.
  • Houseplants suffer from dryness caused by low humidity.
  • Wallpaper may peel at the edges if the air in a home is excessively dry.
  • Dry skin and scratchy throats.
  • Static electricity.

Why Use a Professionaly Installed Humidifer? The humidfier needs to be wired into your existing heating system (except stand alone models) and controlled so that it will come on only when you need it. It is important not to add too much humidity to your home. When warm, moist air comes in contact with a cold, dry surface, the water in the air condenses, creating water droplets. Your humidistat is set too high if this moisture is excessive. This can damage your home and cause dangerous mold growth. There are several ways to determine if you have too much humidity:

  • Frequent fogging of windows may indicate too much humidity. The appropriate relative humidity allows only slight condensation along the lower edges or corners of windows.
  • Moisture buildup or mold on closet walls or room ceilings and walls indicates high humidity. Keep in mind that a tight, energy-efficient house holds more moisture.
  • Adjust your humidistat until you reach an appropriate humidity level. Additionally, you may want to run a kitchen or bath ventilating fan or open a window briefly if the humidity level gets too high.
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