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ComfortPlus© Pricing



Cooling System$10.68
Mini-split AC up to 4 zone$11.38
Mini-split AC up to 8 zone$13.55
Heat Pump System$17.21
Mini-split Heat Pump up to 4 zone$18.33
Mini-split Heat Pump up to 8 zone$21.81
Geothermal Heat Pump System$25.54
Water to Water Geothermal Heat Pump (Heating)$15.00
Water to Water Geothermal Heat Pump (Two Tank)$23.00
Fancoil (for Water to Water Geothermal)$4.80
Gas Combi Boiler/ Water Heater$14.74
Gas Heating System$10.49
Oil Heating System$18.22
Oil Heating System - jerseyoil.com$10.93
Electric Heating System$8.25
Ventilation System$2.20
Air Cleaner$3.24
Air Cleaner Hi-Efficiency$4.80
Air Cleaner HEPA$16.80
Air Purifier Media$12.60
UV Air Purifier (One Bulb)$22.00
UV Air Purifier (Two Bulb)$34.00
Steam Humidifier$14.42
Vapac Steam Humidfier$52.00
Energy Recovery Ventilator$4.64
Boiler Treatment$5.25
Gas Water Heater$4.25
Gas Water Heater (On Demand)$8.25
Electric Water Heater$4.25
Heat Pump Water Heater$10.65
Oil Water Heater$7.60
Indirect Water Heater$3.25
Electrical System$9.24
Solar Photovoltaic$29.80
Computerized Energy Systems$9.22
Standby Generator up to 22 kW$21.86
Standby Generator up to 50 kW$49.00
Smoke/CO System$4.00
Plumbing System$9.87
Drain Treatment$44.00
BioClean Treatment$5.00
Well Water System$2.89
Water Softener System$20.76
Water Softener (Salt Free)$17.00
Water Softener (Extra Add Salt)$8.00
Water Filtration System (Cust Supplied Media)$6.00
Water Filtration System$9.90
Water Filter (Rhino)$16.00
Water Filtration System (Extra Media Service)$9.90
Water Purifier Reverse Osmosis$33.00
UV Water Purifier$8.40
Sump Pump$6.62
Laundry Room$7.40
Gas Fireplace$10.49
Central Vacuum$7.80
Extra Filter Changes (1st System)$6.00
Extra Media Filter Changes (1st System)$8.00
Extra Filter Changes (Subsequent Systems)$3.00
Extra Media Filter Changes (Subsequent Systems)$4.00


Cooling System up to 5 ton$12.83
Cooling System up to 15 ton$18.53
Cooling System up to 30 ton$24.27
Cooling System up to 50 ton$38.30
Fan Coil Unit up to 5 Ton$8.00
Fan Coil Unit up to 20 Ton$16.00
Cooling Tower up to 300 ton$194.36
Geothermal Heat Pump up to 10 ton$31.92
Geothermal Heat Pump up to 20 ton$41.60
Heat Pump System up to 15 ton$20.59
Heat Pump System up to 30 ton$25.27
Gas Combi Boiler/ Water Heater$28.20
Gas Heating System up to 300 MBH$13.33
Gas Heating System up to 800 MBH$20.86
Gas Heating System up to 1600 MBH$32.00
Gas Heating System up to 3,000 MBH$52.50
Oil Heating System up to 300 MBH$21.68
Oil Heating System up to 800 MBH$26.60
Oil Heating System up to 3,000 MBH$52.50
Electric Heating System$8.91
Ventilation System$2.38
VAV Box$4.41
Air Cleaner$3.50
UV Air Purifier$34.00
Vapac Steam Humidfier$58.00
Steam Humidifier$17.20
Gas Water Heater$5.00
Gas Water Heater (On Demand)$12.60
Electric Water Heater$4.59
Oil Water Heater$8.21
Refrigeration System$7.80
Plumbing System$10.66
Well Water System$3.12
Water Softener System$35.68
Water Softener (Extra Add Salt)$24.00
Water Filtration System$10.69
Hot Water Boiler Treatment Up to 1000 MBH$46.00
Hot Water Boiler Treatment Up to 4000 MBH$54.00
Sump Pump$7.15
Portable Generator$18.60
Standby Generator up to 22 kW$29.86
Standby Generator up to 50 kW$39.33
Standby Generator up to 100 kW$49.74
Standby Generator up to 200 kW$239.30
Backup Generator Monitoring$60.00
Smoke/CO System$12.00
Alarm System w/Monitoring$114.00
Solar PV: Up to 10 kW$32.00
Solar PV: Up to 40 kW$44.00
Solar PV: Up to 500 kW$86.00
Solar PV: Up to 100 kW$62.00
Solar Enhanced: Up to 10 kW$64.00
Solar Enhanced: Up to 40 kW$88.00
Solar Enhanced:: Up to 100 kW$124.00
Solar Enhanced: Up to 500 kW$172.00
Pool Bonding$19.00
1 Additional Filter Change$8.02
2 Additional Filter Changes$12.04
3 Additional Filter Changes$18.05
4 Additional Filter Changes$27.09
Lift Cart$17.00

Discounts - The following discounts are available for multiple system coverage:

   5% for 3 to 5 systems.

   10% for 6 to 11 systems.

   15% for 12 to 19 systems.

   20% for 20 to 33 systems.

   25% for 34 to 54 systems.

   30% for 55 or more systems.

Sales Tax - Add 7% New Jersey Sales Tax except for Residential Heating Systems serving 3 or less families which are exempt.

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